Custom built Aquaponic Systems for your Patio or Indoors!

Custom built Aquaponic Systems for your Patio or Indoors!

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A fun and unique way for anyone to learn how to care for fish while experiencing what it is like to grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, and/or flowers with Aquaponics!

Easy to move indoors during the winter season if you'd like to grow year round. Want to keep it outside? The built in heater ensures the fish will stay pleasantly warm throughout the coldest months of the year. When spring has sprung, plant your garden again! Its easy when using LECA (expanded clay balls). 

We offer training on how to take care of your new aquaponic system, or take advantage of our monthly service!


Price includes: Completely custom built and installed in your desired location, up to 6 plants of your choice and 20 fancy guppies. Also includes setting up water quality and cycling the system. Ready to Plant Same Day.


Monthly Service is a separate monthly fee: Bi-weekly visits to ensure water quality, water fill level, fish & plant health.


    Built from discarded wine or whiskey barrels and reclaimed wood, with your choice of a brass humming bird, frog, or fish spigot waterfall, you can enjoy fish, gardening and the relaxing sounds of flowing water all in one, while reducing waste by using recycled materials!


    Build times can vary, typically from build start to end planting takes 2 weeks.


    There are no refunds or retuns on this product. Warranty includes setting up water quality and cycling pond to ensure fish and plant health within first week.


    This does not ship. Built custom for you and installed at your home by Sugar Hollow Scapes.


    Call now to order! 434-989-5632

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